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Tactical Grace
Tag: {T.G}
IRC: #tacticalgrace on QuakeNet
BGL Join Date: June 17th, 2005
Clan\BGL Status: Inactive
Contact1: Suicidal Tendencies
Contact2: Nexus
Record: 2 - 2
Winning %: 50%
Complete Match History @ BGSE:

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Player NameSteamIDAdded

BattleGrounds Match History

{T.G} vs [Independence]Jul 17 2005
bg_snowlake2,360 - 3,600
Title Match LOSSWeekly Results

{T.G} vs Be Blue !Jul 10 2005
bg_bridge1,865 - 1,280
Title Shot WINWeekly Results

{T.G} vs [ eLe ]Jul 3 2005
bg_newengland bgl4,875 - 430
WINWeekly Results

{T.G} vs [Independence]Jun 26 2005
bg_newengland bgl1,730 - 4,225
Title Shot LOSSWeekly Results

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Blue Brigade

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