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BGL Bye Week
July 3rd, 2003
Matches for this week are being cancelled on account of 4th of July weekend and the possible release of BGv1.2.

This means matches won't start up again until Saturday, July 12th, and must be completed by Wednesday, July 16th, thus officially starting the 5-day schedule system.

The schedules are posted and -cav- currently has a Bye, however if more clans join the BGL before July 12th, the schedule could change. Keep an eye on this site for updates.

This gives your clan enough time to enter your Rosters into the BGL Database. From this point on, the Roster system is being enforced, so make sure you add all your players to your roster. The Rules will be updated soon and if BG v 1.2 is released, you will see a new version of the bgl.cfg file too.

Have a good week off! :)

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