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Rules and bgl.cfg Updated
July 9th, 2003
The Rules page are updated, as is the bgl.cfg file. All players in the BGL should read the rules and understand them. I added/modified quite a bit of the rules, so it is very important everyone reads them.

A few clans joined the BGL, however all of them are Inactive for a while, so -cav- will still have a Bye for the upcoming week of matchplay. Contact the other clan leaders now and set up a match time! And be sure to tell me what the date and time of your match is so I can add it to the Schedule. This must be done by Friday night. Note the map is bg_valley and will be 4on4. Goodluck to all clans!

Update: =HCoS= has joined BGL and will fight -cav- this week!

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