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July 16th, 2003
The new schedule is up, make sure you contact the other clan ASAP and set up a match time and tell me before Friday at midnight! All scheduling must be done by then!

I'd like to explain the schedule since it may seem kinda weird to some people. SFB plays rG, since rG won the title shot and SFB has the title. cav plays in the title shot this week because they are the only clan besides SFB and rG that won last week. So they get the title shot. A losing clan cannot be eligible for a title shot, so GFF was chosen from the other new clans because they were the first to join. HCoS and 2ndNJ play since they are lowest on the rankings from what is left. Then 4th plays epoint. epoint was chosen because, from the new clans, they were the next to join. Since we have an uneven number of clans, WNx has a bye, as they were the last of the new clans to join. Hopefully we will have an even number next week, I talked to a few clans that were interested in joining, they should be onboard soon.

Also be sure to read the links in the news post below. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION.


EDIT: Rules were updated with information in the first section and the fifth section(about Ringers). Changelog for v2.1

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