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July 20th, 2003
I have just finished watching the demo of the 4th vs epoint match. Not in all my clanning experience have a seen a clan act so immature. epoint's lack of sportsmanship, complete disregard of the rules, and lack of respect to matchplay is a slap in the face to all competitive teams in all online games. They are a disgrace to anyone that calls themselves a "clan" and are removed from BGL permanently.

Using racial slurs, taunting the other clan, or otherwise using public talk without a really good reason during a match is not allowed. Switching to the other clan's team and TKing the other team because you are losing is childish and completely unacceptable in matchplay.

In other news, I added a link to the forum where I usually post information about BGL. Feel free to post there with your own questions or discuss leagueplay in general.



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epoint is old

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