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August 12th, 2003
I changed the Match Results page so things are less crowded. Now match results from past weeks can be accessed by separate pages.

I also added a link to the left for Predictions. Right now, I did them to give you all an idea on how they should work. Eventually I would rather give the position to someone else. If you are interested in doing predictions every week, contact me in #bgl on GamesNet. You must be dedicated, have a good working knowledge of all the clans in the league, have basic HTML knowledge, and follow BGL matches closely to make accurate predictions. You don't need to be in a BGL clan or a clan at all to apply. I would actually prefer the predictor not have any BGL clan affiliation. If you think you can do this, please contact me.

There was a dispute regarding the {4th} and [TMP] match, but I decided not to change the schedule I made yesterday.

Remember to read the news post below and good luck.

Update(Aug14th): If you want to be a predictor, click here!

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