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Schedule Change?
August 26th, 2003
All the important pages have been updated and the new schedule is up.

The current map is bunkerhill, but after that bg_bridge is next. The correct version you should have on your server is the one on the Files page. Clans have 2 weeks to get this new map on their servers, so do it as soon as possible so you're ready for it. A note of caution in advance: running up the inclines of the map and sliding along them is considered an exploit by the Rules, so don't do it.

Finally, the most important news is described on this thread: BGL Schedule Changes? If you are a clan leader or someone representing your clan, make sure you reply to the thread and tell me your position on the subject. If you can't post on the forums, private message me in #bgl on GamesNet and tell me what you think. If enough clans agree to the change, we can change the scheduling system for next week! If you have any questions post on the thread or message me in #bgl.

Also, I am accepting BGL Predictor applications. Check out the Predictions page for more info.



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