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September 20th, 2003
There has been some problems this week and last about server settings and configuration. If you check the rules you will see that it says NO dispute may be made over server settings or configuration after the match has already taken place. It's the visiting clan's job to make sure the server is correctly configured. If it is not, or there is a problem, you reserve the right to REFUSE playing there and LEAVE THE SERVER to seek a BGL admin in #bgl. An admin will deal with the situation and avoid conflict later on. Once you play the match, it's final, so make sure any server settings are taken care of BEFORE the match. Read the Rules under Section IV for more information.

The schedule for next week is up and predictions will be up as soon as possible. nltw| was given a Bye week because they are converted to Steam appearantly. Noone should convert to Steam yet. If you install Steam, make sure you keep your old HL directory so you can play in BGL matches. The BGL will use Steam as soon as Steam is forced upon us OR all the servers and hosting companies switch to Steam. nltw|, please contact me- I need to know if you are going ot be inactive until Steam comes out or you will be able to reinstall HL/BG and play again. [FAF TMP] was given a Bye because the current contact, TheNew claims [FAF TMP] is leaving the league because he is leaving the clan. Their state is unknown. If you are from [FAF TMP] and want to become the new BGL contact, please come to #bgl on GamesNet and talk to me. If there is noone to represent [FAF] on IRC, they won't be able to play in the league anymore.

If your clan cannot feild a full 5-person team that should be a sign that you should start doing something about it. I suggest either recruiting more dedicated members or start forcing your current members to show up- or both. Forfeitting is looked down upon in BGL.



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