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BGL Closes It's Doors
October 18th, 2003
To all BG Clans and Players,

Because of lack of interest and participation from the BG community, BGL will no longer be active.

The purpose of a clan league is completely destroyed when 80% of the matches are forfeits and the rest of them include ringers. BG has gotten too small for a league like this to exist anymore- In fact it was always very difficult to get matches played every week, but now its unacceptable. Too much effort is put into this league by the BGL admins and everything they do goes to waste every week.

The BGL will be back when there is an adequate demand for the league to come back again. There will need to be at least 8 active clans (clans that can play 5 players 100% of the time, EVERY week) for the league to consider even coming back. These clans must also be able to take care of themselves. Sometimes the BGL was like babysitting. Everyone must know the rules and know what they are doing. Ideally, it would be nice for the BGL to post the schedule and then have all the clans play and submit scores afterwards. This is quite often NOT the case. When/If a time comes when there are clans that are serious about match play, all the BGL records will be reset and old clans will be allowed back in. Many thanks to the clans that followed the rules and kept the trouble making to a minimum.

Now itís up to the BG dev team to get people to play BG. Hopefully BGL will be back someday.


BGL Head Admin

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