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March 25th, 2004
As you know, bg_forestroad has been broken since the release of BG v1.2.1. Predator, the maker of the map, has given the BGL a new fixed and updated version for the league. It will be played the 3rd and 4th week of matches, so be sure that everyone downloads it and all servers are updated with this new version. You can find the map on the Files page. Unzip into your Half-Life folder and overwrite the .wad file and the old bg_forestroad. Thanks Predator! :)

The day of the week that matches will be played is still undecided, but chances are it will be a Saturday or Monday- 9pm EST for NA, 8pm GMT for EU.

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Comment:oh yea I looked at convoy too... very small. Not too crazy about it. virginia and bridge seem to be the most feasible as far as 3rd party maps go.
Comment:Both of those are very small and very linear which limits the amount you can do on them. It's more of a test of how good the clan is at meleeing, not clanning. They are both a possibility, but I think there are other maps that would be preferred first in an organized clan match situation.
Comment:not so great for matches though :/
Comment:i like exhaustion better its more of a melee map
Comment:and its pretty small too. maybe bg_jamus preds other little map.
Comment:bg_exhaustion its a custom map atm but it will be in the rotation in 1.2.2
Comment:wtf is that! :O!
Comment:what about exhaustion?
Comment:convoy eh!? I will have to look at that. What other maps? bg_raid I have already looked at and it sucks. Sure, its pretty, but ffs its the equivalent of a long hallway. Not much strategy goes into playing it... Run forward and kill stuff. The only open area can easily be pinned down by the americans since the brits are coming out of a little hallway and going uphill. In addition, a lot of the cap points require too many people to catpure. In a 5v5 match the map would be almost impossible.
Comment:maybe we could use some of the 3rd party maps like bg_convoy etc.
Comment:<Slash> post something on the first news post there i must test :O
Comment:Turns out that we won't be using bg_forestroad for the 3rd and 4th weeks.

The middle bridge area isn't optimized as much as it could be and a lot of people have a large FPS drop. Pred will fix it up and then we'll use it :)

I'll make an official news post about this soon.

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