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March 30th, 2004
A few important points:

1. I coded a comment system into the News pages so people can have a voice on what goes on without needing a forum account. Please use it to your advantage. I do log IP's, so if you abuse it, you will be banned from posting.

2. bg_forestroad has been removed from the map schedule for now. A lot of players experience a large FPS drop when playing in the middle bridge area of the map. Predator is going to look into it and optimize it more. When it's done, we will add it back into the map rotation.

3. Although the majority of clans prefer Monday nights for matches, a few clans have other commitments Monday nights and wouldn't be able to play. I'd rather slightly inconvenience a few clans and have 8 clans in the league rather than try to make everyone happy and only have 5 or 6 clans. Therefore, matches will be held Saturday Nights at 9pm EST for the North American division. The European Division is slowly growing, unfortunately most of the European clans haven't made the switch to Steam yet.

4. I wanted to start matches this Saturday, but I think a few clans need more time to get ready. Matches will officially start on April 10th, 2004. I will post the first schedule once the last few clans get registered with the league.

As always, check the BGL site often for updates and good luck to all clans!

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Name:Thomas Paine
Comment:let the pwnage begin :) Good luck all clans

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