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April 13th, 2004
Please note that use of the bgl.cfg is mandatory for matches. This means you must download the bgl.cfg off the Files page and put it on your server. If for some reason you don't have FTP access to your server or something, you must make sure that you set the variables correctly manually.

1) Friendlyfire must be on:
        mp_friendlyfire 1

2) Timelimit must be 30 minutes:
        mp_timelimit 30

3) Alltalk must be OFF:
        sv_alltalk 0

4) Password must be set:
        sv_password "YOUR_PASSWD"

5) There must be an officer limit of 1
        mp_limit_light_a 1
        mp_limit_light_b 1

All other settings should be default. As you can see perhaps it is worth your trouble to put the bgl.cfg on your server. To load the bgl.cfg type:
        mapchangecfgfile bgl.cfg

After you MUST change the map for the new settings to take effect. Then, once the other team says they are ready to play, run the command:
        sv_restartround 10

And the round will restart in 10 seconds and the match begins. Also remember all players are required to record personal demos. To record demos, type:
        record demoname

Where "demoname" is any name you want it to be.. It could be "GnD-vs-cav-rouind1". Once the round is over, type stop in the console to stop recording. Be sure to remind the other team of these commands so noone forgets.

One more thing- no spectators are allowed during a match unless both clans agree. This is because spectating along with being on a 3rd party voice comm program is considering cheating. If you can get HLTV to work with BG, then feel free to use that, but no spectators. Please talk to the other team before the match to work this out.

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Comment:Also a warning- sv_restartround resets the game's timelimit to the mp_timelimit which is 30. This is good, however if you type "timeleft" it will not show the correct timeleft. That timer does NOT get reset when sv_restartround is run.

For example, if sv_restartround isn't done until 20 minutes into the map, then when you type "timeleft" towards the end of the round, it might actually say something like "-15 minutes remaining". DONT WORRY. This is normal. Don't expect timeleft to report the correct time left.

If you need to know how much time is left in the round, use a watch or something :P

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