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First Week Back...
April 18th, 2004
The first night of matches in many months has been completed last night. It was a pretty sad to say the least. 2 clans didn't show up at all and 1 clan left before the end of the first round. You can see the results on the Match Results page.

The future of the league looks pretty grim. I originally planned on running the league for a month and making a decision about the future of the league then, but if this happens again next week, I may just end the league after the second week.

Next week's Schedule is up. Good luck.

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Comment:I should say "Active BGL Clans". Some clans may be active in BG, but not BGL. They are grouped with the clans that are dead/disbanded/etc. Anyways, having all the match histories saved is a nice little thing for the BG community. If BGL closes again, all the information will still be here for anyone to referance.
Comment:No, they are there as records of the past. All matches, stats, and clan information is kept in the database. Only Active clans are listed on the Rankings/Schedule pages. Clans and Rosters is split into 2 sections so its easier to tell the distinction.
Name:Forlorn Hope
Comment:Are you ever going to update the BGL to take out clans that don't even exist anymore?
Comment:No.. csm isn't kicked out. If you were it would have said in the Match Results and you wouldn't be on the Rankings or Schedule pages. You just have a bye for next week. The league is continuous, not seasonal.
Name:Forlorn Hope
Comment:So, is the -[csm]- kicked out, or, is it just a loss? Therein lies the question. Oh, and, secondly, is the league a continuous thing, or, a round thing. Something like, best clan for: Winter 2004 (league restarts) Spring 2004 (league restarts). Not a restart like, all clans re-register, but, just rankings.

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