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Childish Antics
April 29th, 2004
I gave [13th] the win over [ax]- by forfeit because they used ringers. [13th] told me that [ax]- didn't ask for ringers, nor did they mention that [ax]- would be short. Now I find out that not only did [13th] know that [ax]- was going to be short, they also allowed them to use ringers. This is completely unacceptable behavior. I will not tolerate clans trying to fish for wins based on technicalities. If you give your word to a clan, you should keep to it. There are Rules and there are also things like sportsmanship and honor. I would suspect this is the type of thing .sB. would try to do. The BG community is small and weak. We don't need children going back on their word trying to get free wins. Guess what kiddies? Admins have the final say and [ax]-'s original win stands and [13th] loses. Because [13th] lied to my face and their dispute was knowingly wrong and a waste of my time, they recieve a Strike.

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Comment:i r teh childish
Name:either way,
Comment:13th lost heh.

and slash did listen to both sides, thus 13th resulting in the win in the firstplace
Comment:If the wording was "vague and ambiguous", how is that conclusive proof?

Being arbitrary and condescending, and furthermore drawing conclusions without hearing both sides is a classic example of childishness.

I feel very sorry for you. D:

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