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May 30th, 2004
The map for 6/6 and 6/13 was set to bg_forestroad because I thought BG v1.2.2 would be released by now. However, it's not released, so I changed the map to bg_valley for the next two weeks. Once BG v1.2.2 is released, bg_forestroad will definatly be used.

There really aren't any good match maps around, if anyone has suggestions or would actually want to play battlefield or ruin in a match, please reply and say so. I'm sure valley/snowlake/bridge will get old after a while.

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Comment:eeew new england... us (G.A.R) and 3d tried a match on battle field once, and it seemed to go ok... i remember we started joking around but if the clans were serious it would prolly work. and i think ruin is way too one sided (american) to be used
Comment:I wouldn't mind playing on bg_newengland myself, I dont know what everyone elses problem with it is. I would rather play virginia than battlefield though. But what do I know :P

I'm working on a map myself to play in scrims, so whenever I finish it...I'll see if you all think it could be playable.
Comment:i think we should try out battefield for 2 weeks to see how it is, but defiantly not ruin

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