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May 30th, 2004
I have selected 2 new Admins to BGL. I was planning on having a application process of some sort, but there were only a few people really fit for the job. The 2 new admins are KingTurd and Agent5. Remember, the Head Admin(me) always has the final say in all disputes, so although you must respect their decisions, their word is not necessarily final.

If the league expands or if the European Division ever becomes active, I may select more admins.

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Comment:hmm..... Do you really want an Asian to be an Admin. Its tuff. hmm....

No Comprendo My Potato
Comment:your mom woot go turd
Comment:Well, most of the actual admining is done on IRC during the week. So any potential admins would have to be available on IRC almost all the time to answer questions that people have.

The league itself is almost completely self-running. I simply post the schedule(which could be automated) and then look over the results when they are submitted and click the "ok" button. Site does the rest. Then repeat for the next week :)

Maybe in a few weeks I'll look for a few more admins, but it really is a boring job, not much to do. There aren't many problems that require long deliberations or anything.
Comment:Slash if another admin is needed I am up to it. You don't know me but I am well suited for it. You will need the opinion of more than 2 players although I think Turd and Agent will make great admins you will need more than 2.
Comment:Yeah that is funny. Wait... no it's not. They aren't head admins. The other admins last time around didn't even do anything with the exception of KingTurd helping in IRC. So it really isn't any different except bruk, catman, and Saladorm are gone and replaced with Agent5.

There are rarely any disuputes in BGL. There isn't much chance for bias behavior to help one clan and hurt another. In almost all dispute cases the dispute was handled by clear interpretation of the rules.

The only other admin interaction with the league is creating a schedule, but that also is very specifically done. RARELY do I have to make an arbitrary decision when making clan match-ups. Usually it's when there are a bunch of new clans. Title Shots/Matches, Streak, Rank, and Previous Opponents usually takes away any chance for an admin to help or hurt clans.

I implore you, if you think admins are being biased in any way, please tell me. I will make things right or offer an explaination to the best of my abilities to satisfy you.
Comment:Champions of BGL are also head admins. Funny that SFB was champion when it was around.

Im just an asshole dont mind me.
Comment:Well, TIEdup14, they are there to enforce the rules. It doesn't matter what clan they are in. Any disputes involving ||GnD|| would be exclusively handled by myself anyways. There always needs to be a 3rd party, when handling a dispute. But most of the time it is people's ignorance of the rules and that's what the admins are for.
Comment:Two admins from one clan?

That's not biased at all...

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