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BGL Rules Update V4.5
July 1st, 2004
Since I made more changes than usual, here is the parts I modified/added:

Section IV (added):
Players participating in BGL matches must be unbanned from the match server before matches. If they are legal BGL players on a team's roster, they must be allowed to play on the match server. After the match, server admins may ban the player again, but match servers must not ban any legal BGL players during match time. If clans refuse to unban players for matches, that server may not be used for matches. Again, server admins may feel free to ban anyone they want, but when match time comes around, you must allow players to play. Personal vendettas, clan flamewars, and questionable player conduct are irrelivant in this matter.

Section IV (added):
The Location of the server must be in the region in which the division resides. North American matches must be played on North American servers. European matches must be played on European servers. Of course this can be changed if both clans agree, but if other clans wish to play in a foreign division, they are expected to make sacrifices so they do not unjustly inconvience other clans in the division.

Section VI (clarified):
Bugs and Exploits are not allowed in BGL. These are classified as actions that go outside of the intended featureset of the mapper or game developers. This includes, but is not limited to, running up the inclined sides of maps (Wall Running), door blocking, etc. The BGL Admins have final say in what is and what is not exploiting. Use your head. If you are unsure, ask an Admin. In the event that you are suspected of using any of these exploits, you will be required to submit a personal demo of the match. Make sure you record demos!

As always, these rules are effective immediately.

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