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BGL Opens!
June 2nd, 2003
This is the website of the the BGL. It is a work in progress. Right now most of the webpage is done by hand, in time everything will be automated for smooth operation.

We are accepting Clan Applications ASAP. Read the Rules and go to the Join page to apply. The league will start as soon as 4 clans are ready to play.

Matches are every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. Matches are 7on7 (at most) and team size will vary on a map to map basis. Read the Rules for more information.

I want to make it very clear that BGL is a league where matches are going to be played - if your clan doesn't show up for matches or forfeits because you don't have enough players, you will be removed from the league. We are here to play, not forfeit. Also, we will not tolerate exploiting of ANY kind. Just because the rules don't list all the exploits in existance doesn't mean you can use non-listed exploits. If anyone in your clan is caught using any type of exploit, you will receive a strike and a 1 week suspension from the league. Receive 3 strikes and your clan will be removed from the league. Make sure to review the rules. This is your only warning.

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