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BGL Help Wanted.
July 28th, 2004
The BGL is looking for a few talented individuals in the following areas:

In the following areas...

Predictors - You should have a strong knowledge of present clans, their rosters, and past match information. The BGL or BGSE can provide most of this information for you, but you should be involved in the community and have thoughtful, un-biased opinions. You must also have strong writing skills. No l33t h4x0rz LolZ@! predictions.

Article Writers - This could be on a number of topics. About the clan community, about particular clans, about past clans, or even interviews with players in the clan community or mod team. Articles pertaining to actual Revolutionary War history are ok, but people who think they are 1700's need not apply.


When the BGL first started I asked for a design from the community. Spade gave me the design that he was planning on using for another league. It turns out that Spade didn't make the current BGL design. He ripped it off a web template site and tried to pass it off as his own. Needless to say I'm not too happy about this...

The BGL needs a new design with the following requirements:

Dynamic - The navigation areas must be very flexable. If I need to add or delete many links, it shouldn't break the design.

Simplistic - No flashy graphics are needed throughout the design of the site. It's mostly a data-driven site, meant to dispense lots of info quickly. All navigational links must be plain text, no image links.

Data driven - There is a lot of info that is needed to be displayed on the page at any given time. Because of this, BGL needs a 3-column design. If you can find a way to organize a main area, navigational area, and a sidebar with other useful information such as title holders and upcoming maps, that is acceptable. Although it would probably be easier just to stick to a 3 column design.

Technical details - XHTML 1.1 Strict and CSS only. MINIMAL or no table useage, most ALL formatting should be done with CSS. NO FRAMES.

I only really need 2 templates made. One for the basic design of 3 columns and one for the Quickie Forums which basically merges the last 2 columns. Please design any different table layouts that are nessesary(rankings, upcoming maps table, etc). DONT go through and design every page the way it is now. I just need the basic template and any other little details, and I'll do the rest.


Anyone interested in any of this, please send examples of your work to . Note that if you want the Web Designer job you MUST have examples of previous work demonstrating your knowledge of XHTML and CSS.


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