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Map Confusion
August 6th, 2004
The BG Dev team has recently released a map pack for BG on their site. One of the maps included was bg_forestroad. The version included is different than the one that has been offered on the BGL site. Since its likely some people have installed the map pack and some haven't, the map for this Sunday is going to be changed to bg_bridge and bg_valley next week. Sorry about this, but this is the only solution. Almost everyone should have bg_bridge, but if you don't it's available on the Files page.

I do suggest that everyone downloads the new map pack off BG's Official Site because the next map after bridge and valley is going to be the version of forestroad included in that map pack. It's likely BGL will use other maps included in that map pack in the future, so download and install it as soon as possible so you are ready.

If there are last minute problems getting your clan ready for bg_bridge, you can always agree to change the map with the opposing clan.

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Comment:I would assume the same way you usually do. Install the mappack on your computer on your desktop or in some temporary folder, then just upload the contents as they are to the BG directory of the server. Those .dll files I think just go in the BG directory, not any subfolder.
Comment:How do we get on our servers? There are some dll files with the map pack.

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