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Hitbox Bug IS An Exploit
August 9th, 2004
This is a reminder that the hitbox bug that is in all HL mods currently is considered an exploit. Using this exploit will cost your clan the match and get yourself suspended or banned from BGL matches.

For those who don't know what it is: The hitbox bug occurs in any HL game to the player in the last slot of a server. This player is considered "bugged". The player's hitbox lags behind the player's model proportional to the player's movement speed. This can make the player seemingly impossible to hit.

So how can you tell for sure if a player is bugged? When in the game (particularly before the match), type "status" in the console. The players are listed with numbers before their name. These numbers represent the slot the player is occupying on the server. If that number is the same number as the maxplayers on a server, that player is bugged. It always happens and it can only happen to that player.

As you may have guessed, the only way for someone to get Slot #20 on a 20 person server is for them to join the game when the server is almost full and snatch up that last slot. This means that on a full server, there is always one player bugged. Although BGL matches don't fill up a server, players may try to get the last slot before a match and then idle on the server until match time so they are bugged. This is exploiting and illegal in BGL.

Valve has already stated they fixed this bug, but we are waiting for an update via Steam to be up to date. It's everyone's responsibility to use the "status" command before the match starts to make sure none of the players are bugged. If they are, kindly explain to them the situation and ask them to rejoin the server so they get a new slot number. If they refuse, leave the server and seek a BGL admin.

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