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Rules Update v4.8
October 4th, 2004
Here are the changes in the Rules for version 4.8. You should be familiar with all the Rules.

Section I (update):
All Ringer rules (described in later sections) do not apply to clans that just joined BGL in their first week of play. This means they may use ringers as they are still updating their roster, but they may not use any player on another active clan's BGL roster. For a clan's second week in the BGL, all Ringer rules are strictly enforced, just like all other clans.

Section II (update):
European Division
Sunday, 19.00 GMT

(note: This appears to be the best time for the European division at this point. I will make an official News post about the state of the European division in the near future).

Section III (update):
The default number of players in match play for the North American division is 5. The default number of players for the European division is 4. Clans may play with more or less players if they agree.

(note: This appears to be the best player number for the European division at this point. I will make an official News post about the state of the European division in the near future).

Section III (update):
Screenshot Note: After the round is over, BG continues to add points for flags on the scoreboard. Because of this, you should change hud_takesshots "0" to hud_takesshots "1" in your config.cfg file. This way, BG will automatically take end game screenshots the moment the round ends and place it in your BG folder. If the command is not in your config.cfg, add it.

Section IV (addition):
If the Server gives an unreasonable ping advantage to one clan over the other, the match should be played on another server where the pings are more even, if possible. This should be determined before the match starts, not during (or after). Complaints after or during the match will be ignored by admins. Please determine if the server is acceptable before the match starts. League admins will have the final say on whether or not a server gives an unfair ping advantage to a clan. In the event that each clan's server is laggy for the opposing clan, 1 round should be played on each server, as usual. However, if there is only 1 server available to play on, then there is no choice but to use that server, regardless of the ping difference.

Section V (update/addition):
The BGL definition of a multi-clanner is as follows: Any player participating in a BGL clan match with a clan they are currently not on the roster of and are a member of another clan's roster. In other words, a ringer that is also a member of another active BGL clan.

Section V (clarification):
Each clan must keep an "official" up to date roster on the BGL website. New members must be added to the roster during the time rosters are open for change. Roster changes are NOTallowed 24 hours before and after BGL matches. Every other time roster changes are legal.

Section V (update/addition/clarification):
Ringers may be allowed if the opposing clan agrees to it. This goes for any rule. However, there is a clause to this that cannot be changed, under any circumstances: You may not use a ringer if you have clan members currently available to play. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! In addition, the ringer must not be a multi-clanner. This means ringers can only be used if 1) The other clan says its ok 2) They are only being used to fill positions where no other member is available to play and 3) They are not currently not on the roster of another active BGL clan.

Section VI (addition):
Bugs and Exploits are not allowed in BGL. These are classified as actions that go outside of the intended featureset of the mapper or game developers. This includes, but is not limited to, running up the inclined sides of maps (Wall Running), door blocking, weapon drop, etc. The BGL Admins have final say in what is and what is not exploiting. Use your head. If you are unsure, ask an Admin. In the event that you are suspected of using any of these exploits, you will be required to submit a personal demo of the match. Make sure you record demos!

Section VI (update):
Forfeits effect both records and rankings. We have ZERO tolerance for forfeiting. Any clan that forfeits will be removed from the league. By joining BGL your clan is expected to play in matches. If your team will be unable to play a certain week, make sure you notify the admins as soon as possible. Preferably at least 4-5 days in advance. If your clan forfeits 2 matches in a row, your clan will be removed from the league. If your clan forfeits your first match in the BGL, this shows an extreme lack of commitment and your clan will be removed from the league. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

Section VIII (update):
BGL Admins have final say in the interpretation of these rules and final say in any dispute. The BGL Head Admin may override the decision of Division Admins. All clans must abide by these rules to play in the BGL. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Comments (Newest to Oldest)
Comment:The average ping difference should not be more than 60 or 70 ms.
Comment:It's whatever I want it to be!

But really this applies mostly to the EU division as some servers in Spain may ping horrible for people in the scandinavian region, for example.

It's vague so I can handle each situation appropriately. I was thinking 150ms as the minimum, but in the end it doesn't really matter. There aren't a lot of servers to choose from. In the rare situation that one clan has like 10 ping on a LAN and the other has 400 ping, that's why the rule is there.

It's definately not a rule that needs to be taken into consideration before every match. It's common sense... Is everyone lagging like hell? Then maybe you need to find a new server :P
Comment:I think you should more clearly define what constitutes an acceptable ping difference. For example CAL says that you cannot play a match on a server with more than 55 ms average ping match (at least for CS-O). But how exactly is this determined, some servers have ping spikes for certain players which means the normal ping may be normal, even if the server is unacceptable.
Comment:Makes sense.
Comment:Well, for one, its outside the intended featureset of the game. Ben has already removed the command in the latest build of the next version.

Secondly, it's kinda lame to drop your weapon and outrun everyone to uncap the other clan's flags. If you have a tiny bit of health and you feel you are going to get owned regardless, it IS probably a good idea to drop your weapon and run like hell. The amount of damage you do to the other team to stop their point flow from that cap point far exceeds the damage you would do melee'ing the other players.

If you aren't a good player and you see a top melee player and you don't have a bullet, dropping your weapon and running towards flags the other team recently capped is your best option. This would be the same as running away and reloading in 1.2 if you don't have a chance to beat the other person. I find this extremely lame.

Now this does add more strategy, you are right. You will have to melee players and consider where that person may run if he suddenly drops his bayo. However, since its already removed from the current BG build, might as well not allow it.
Comment:Any particular reason why weapon drop is illegal, other than not existing in the default binds? I think all clan-level players are aware of the command and have the ability to use it if they wish, and it certainly doesn't offer much advantage at all in 99.9% of situations.

I was debating dropping my weapon last night for a second to try and beat a DiGA to our last flag, which obviously meant sacrificing any possibility I had of fighting him off once he caught up to me. It adds slightly more strategy, I for one think it should be allowed. Just wondering what everyone else thinks (if they even care about something so insignificant).

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