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European Division to Begin Matchplay
October 6th, 2004
The European division will begin matches on October 17th, 2004. There was no need to make any polls to determine the specifics of the league since there seemed to be agreement amoung clan leaders. BGL European matches will take place every Sunday night at 19.00 GMT. All BGL EU matches will be 4on4 by default. Of course, if both clans have 5, they may agree to play 5on5 if they like. The upcoming map list on the Schedule page will show 5on5, but this means 4on4 for the BGL EU division. All other rules and settings will be the same as the BGL NA division.

If your clan signed up and you do not wish to play in the BGL now, please contact myself or Hachiman as soon as possible so we can remove your clan from the league. If you believe your clan will not be able to play matches at the designated time, please consider leaving the league. The BGL does not tolerate forfeitting. If your clan does not show up to a match, your clan will be removed from the league. Of course, if there are any clans still interested in joining the league, feel free to do so. We always accept new clans.

Make sure your servers have the BGL cfg file available on the Files page. Make sure you understand the Rules. If you don't understand something about the rules, please ask a BGL admin. Clans should  go to the Manage Roster page and enter their clan's roster as soon as possible. If one of your clanmates is not on your BGL roster, they will be considered a ringer and will not be allowed to play.

As of now, there may be a shortage of European servers for matches. Please contact your opponent early in the week and ask if they have a server. If both clans do not have a server, you will have to ask to borrow another clan's server. If you do this, you will have to reschedule your match earlier in the day or eariler in the week when you can borrow another clan's server. Remember, all rescheduling must be done before the scheduled match time. The BGL will not wait for you to complete your matches! All matches must be completed by Sunday night!

The first BGL EU schedule will be posted approximately a week before matches start. If you have any questions, contact a BGL admin. 

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Comment:Well i really hope that there will be no forfeits, because they aren't allowed :P

Good luck to everybody and have fun.
Comment:and how about we have some fun while we are at it!!!

Comment:Great, cant wait for our first match in the BGL i hope we will get more clans who participate or at least hold our current number.
GL to all clans and may the division have few forfeits and nice smooth-going wars.

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