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Random Demo Pulls
October 11th, 2004
A dispute came up tonight which I needed demos to resolve. Luckily, only 1 demo was needed to resolve the dispute. In the process of asking for demos, I found out that a lot of people aren't recording demos, from all clans.

Instead of suspending 30 people from the BGL, I will start doing random demo pulls. Every week after matches, players will be selected at random. Those players will be required to submit their demos to an admin immediately. If they are unable to, they will be suspended from leagueplay for 2 weeks. For a month after their suspension, they will be on probation and required to submit their demos to an admin every week. If they fail to submit a demo during their probation, they will be banned from the league indefinitely.

This applies to the North American division only.

Comments (Newest to Oldest)
Comment:doesn't matter it's against the rules once or 1000 times its still against the rules
Comment:i think that it is somewhat pointless. this is not cs where there are thousands of hacks it is friggen bg, a mod community where everyone knows everone else, comon, don't be ridiculous. I understand something like door blocking and such could be shown with a demo but if their doing it just one time then big deal, move one, cmon people.
Comment:to be honest with you I would rather see 30 people suspended from bgl for not following rules than to see the league admin just bend the rules for them. Don't act like whining never won you over before slash.
Comment:You need evidence to prove or disprove your claims death. That's what demos are for. If someone hacks or breaks the rules, you don't care? So what?

What's the problem with someone's name being "Player"? As long as their steamid is on the clan's roster, I don't think it's a problem. I thought you wanted to "just play".. do you want the league to force everyone to use the names on the rosters now?

You don't care if someone records a demo which could be used to prove them guilty if they hack, but you DO care that someone's name isn't correct? That doesn't seem like the right priorities to me.
Comment:Remember, trash talking the other team ANYTIME during a match or pre-match is not allowed and could cost your team the match. Slash where does this rule apply and changing your name to Private, Private1. Private2,Private3, is there a rule for this. If someone records demos good if they dont so what. I guess you pull Agents first rite.
Comment:Again, where does it say your bitch ass can go in #bgl and start barking out commands towards other clans and demand they send you their demos? NOWHERE. ONLY BGL ADMINS CAN ASK FOR DEMOS. And I'm not going to do it when some little kid whines at me for someone's demo for the sake of trying to get them into trouble. Fiya could have watched his own frickin' demo and the whole situation would have been avoided. Waste of my time.

Note the "your clan may forfeit the match".. it says MAY.. as if I have good reason to believe someone was using an hack of some sort or some other occurance which could have drastically changed the outcome of the match.. THEN the clan MAY forfeit the match if they don't have a demo.

Just because people start crying on IRC about something, doesn't mean I'm going to go around asking for demos when their claims are complete bullshit. I'm not here to try and get clans cheap wins.

Comment:daid i am referring to the past where gar has tried to lame 13th by claiming we hacked...whining.

slash is trying to tell you that in order for a demo to be pulled, the challenging clan must present slash with adequate evidence that would convince him to pull a demo. as the admin he has the final say daid, quoting the rules that he made does not prove anything
Comment:And Turd DID request demos. Anyways, here, this is what I was referencing to, Slash.

"If a dispute comes up and you are unable to show demos for the match, your clan may forfeit the match and that player will be suspended from play in the BGL for a month..."
Comment:I think he meant that a clan can recommend the pulling of demos if there is reason to believe it, but a clan cannot demand demos, and if the clan doesn't have them, and be a violation of rules. It's only a violation of rules if an admin requests them.
Comment:So, we don't have the right to ask for demos? I guess I'll just get some .dll's I know of and do whatever the hell I want with them since noone can ask for my demos? Gotcha.
Comment:uh.. what now.. I didn't delete anything lol

"We wanted their demos, and they couldn't come up with them."

That's funny, I don't remember anywhere in the rules where it says you have the right to ask other clans for their demos.
Comment:Oh, sorry Slash that you delete my posts but lets rev's stay. Anyways, it shouldn't matter whether we "whined" in your eyes. We wanted their demos, and they couldn't come up with them. Bam, the judgement right there should have been they lose because of a violation of BGL policy.
Comment:Well, yea, that's why I mentioned that HLTV works and it will be mandatory soon. No reason to use free look anyways.

HLTV seems to work 100% in the latest 1.2.2 build too. :O
Comment:Slash, for the purposes of demo recording for the league, isnt it only necessary for the hltv to work for first person anyways? If it does work for that that would be good for us :)
Comment:daid dont even try to tell me that GaR doesnt whine when they lose, there have been numerous occasions that you all have bitched for no reason. im sorry that you dont know about them, could it be because you werent there?? *gasp* seriously daid do you really think i would make such a claim without reason?? sometimes i wonder about you

as for the demos, you can pull my demo if you want, but i wont have one, recording literally makes it even more unplayable than oit already is. so do what you have to do slash, you have ran the league well so far, i will continue to support your decisions even if i may disagree
Comment:recording demos was SOOO last month. it's out of style now
Comment:i'm going to make sure all dv8's don't record a demo for this week's match
Comment:wall climbing...
so hacking
Comment:Actually, HLTV appears to work now. There is one bug, which is when you are a spectator or viewing a HLTV demo, you cannot Free Look. In order to still watch what goes on, type "spec_menu 1" in the console, and the regular HLTV commands should be available at the bottom of the screen so you can switch to chase mode or first person.

HLTV Tutorial:
All servers should have HLTV already installed.
1) ./hltv
2) Now you are in the HLTV console
3) connect localhost (do this if you are running the HLTV proxy on the same server.. if not, change localhost to whatever IP the server is
4) record (this will start recording a HLTV demo)
5) stoprecording (will stop the hltv demo)

use "help" to see other commands, such as serverpassword which you will need to set in order for the HLTV to join a passworded server. I will be experimenting with it and working on a bgl-hltv.cfg file. Perhaps for one of the matches this week I will send my HLTV proxy to record a match. Eventually a HLTV that can record demos will be required for all matches. It shouldn't be too hard.. just leave HLTV in your server all the time and record a while before the match starts (HLTV will automatically stop recording on map change and then begin a new one when the new map loads).
Comment:Hey Rev. We don't "whine" at all. Get your head out of your ass. We had reason to believe they were wall climbing because we heard no sound what-so-ever coming from water. And we saw one of them run from the direction of the wall leading to British spawn.
Comment:It is not very difficult to record a simple demo.
Comment:slash im gonna ban you from the interwebby thingy
Comment:by the way, if HLTV worked with BG, I would rarely if ever need personal demos. So go bother the BG Dev Team about getting HLTV to work :P
Comment:There has been no Rule change. The Rules are the same. Recording demos is mandatory for every player.
Comment:whining about a rule being changed which in turn further disadvantages players when the rule was fine before is alot different than whining that you lost and trying to bullshit your way to a win.

However, I can see why Slash would wish to implement the rule and will respect his decision.
Comment:I agree with Revolver, Slash your turning bgl into a politcal game, if your going to whine, record a demo, and by the way its a game and there is no money involved. You might as well shutdown BGL for good, most want to just play and if recording demos slows down your pc it will affect your game play. I dont think its a good idea at all.
Comment:lol.... :P

I think random demo pulls is a good idea. Keep people on their toes.
Comment:you make gar out to be whiners yet half of your post is you whining about a shitty computer GG
Comment:dont you think thats a little drastic? we all know that GaR are ridiculous whiners that will try anything for a win....the rule for demos should be just as you had it

if a member of the losing team wishes to challenge a match he/she must submit a demo with legitimate evidence that someone else may have exploited. Upon submission of said demo, the person accused must be required to submit a demo.

I say this only because i know that for me and im sure a lot of other people, with my already bad computer, recording a demo just makes my fps and stuff worse, and i know im not going to exploit so doing mandatory demo checks is really not necessary...demos should be recorded as an option for clans to make sure other clans follow rules. if they are not recorded then the clan that didnt record will simply be at a disadvantage when it comes time to challenge, its as simple as that.
Comment:Wow Leet I always record demos but this is leet i cant wait to laugh at the first one to get suspended

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