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October 11th, 2004
BGL now has it's own web hosting and domain. The old address should automatically forward you to, but the site will load faster if you update your bookmarks.

The first EU Schedule is available for this Sunday's matches. I chose clans with servers to play clans without servers to make the first week easier on everyone. This is only for the first week- from now on, I will have to Schedule clans according to the Rules. [Goose] has been given a Bye since they may not be ready to play yet (they haven't added anyone to their Roster) and there are an odd number of clans in the division (9).

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Comment:same :D
Name:[bgm] s k i l l 3 t
Comment:yea, gl every1 . This is [bgm]'s first League so be easy on us :D
gl everyone
Comment:yes... There will be 2 title shots next week and then a title match the week after that.
Comment:When do u think the first title match will be Slash? 3 weeks or so right?

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