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Player Ban and Upcoming Map
October 17th, 2004
The following player is banned from the league indefinately:

Name: Agent5
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:132245

This player accessed the BGL Admin Control Panel and entered false results for the ~)DiGA(~ vs dv8^ match, giving dv8^ the title and messing up both clans records. Indisputable proof of this was found in the webserver log file. This is completely unacceptable and future attempts at trying to "h4x0r" the site will not be tolerated.

The map to be played after bg_snowlake will be bg_newengland_bgl which can be found on the Files page. You can read the changes.txt file to see what has been changed. All players and server admins should download the map and get it on their servers as soon as possible. If there are any major problems with the map, clans may agree to play bg_newengland instead.

Comments (Newest to Oldest)
Comment:yeah i got yelled at by slash but yeah slash is right
Comment:Slash plz close this, its done!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets Move on.
Comment:I already yelled at drunk on IRC about this because he didnt read in particular SaintGreg's and Ben's post (on page 2 I think) on the forums, which prove that the logs cannot possibly be faked. And since they aren't faked, Agent5- or rather his IP- is clearly guilty of the crime. And that's as good as evidence as you are going to get on the internet. In addition, a very strong case of familiarity can be made to whoever was using Agent5's IP... and it was obvious he was at his computer at the time.. I mean, I found out and said "wtf agent" and he responded in IRC. Quite plainly, Agent5's IP did it and I highly doubt his dog licked the keyboard in such a way to submit scores and login to the admin control panel and knew exactly where to go to submit scores. He did it. There is no doubt.
Comment:dont get me wrong im not saying slash faked logs or anything but is it possible? yes
is it possible someone else used agent's computer either physically or remotely? yes. thats all im saying either way its great entertainment for me
Comment:well done slash, the IP is the smoking gun. to get any more exact ud need a goddamn MAC address, agent is just acting like a cornered rat trying to flatly deny everything thrown at him.
Comment:well if your gonna go out might as well do it with a bang.

I don't think turd is at fault because despite the fact that he is good at math he is rather stupid but eityher way i dont think that turd really plays anymore anyway

funny though
Comment:Sorry to hear this.
Comment:All banned ip's get that page. It's nothing new... been there for a while.

If you read the forum post, I did not jump to conclusions... The proof is indisputable.
Comment:Hmm...I've seen the page you made for specially for Agent's IP to replace this site and, it seems more and more personal and less the simple banning of a hacker. Possibly jumping to conclusions? Also, Turd and smart fellow dont go in the same sentence unless it involves sarcasm =P Agent's BGL Site:
Comment:Read here:

It definately WAS Agent and there is proof.
Comment:Slash I think both should go, how can you really prove it was Agent, unless he confessed, second it was Turds name and pass, now how can such a smart fellow like Turd make a dumb mistake like that. Think it about it. Whos the real victim here? What ever is decided is cool by me. Sorry Agent and goodbye.
Comment:Turd's password was stupidly easy. He used it for everything and its extremely likely Agent already knew what it was or guessed it on the first try... yes.. it was THAT simple. I don't have access to the admin control panel logins (they are encrypted), but *I* guessed it on the first try when I asked Turd what his password was. Either that Agent h4x0r3d teh server! I don't know if I should punish Turd for being a retard but I'm tempted :P

The method of entry is completely irrelevant. It doesn't matter HOW he got in (although its likely he simply guessed Turd's password), it matters that he DID do it.
Comment:Well maybe Turd should go to for giving out the password. Dubyah u scare me man!!
Right on Diga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment:yeah because i happen to know what turd's pw and username is :/

no one else believes u slash
Comment:Was it a close game? Oh yeah, no it wasn't.
Comment:i love how you sound all smart and technical then you use the words turn me on slash :-P

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