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October 19th, 2004
The Schedule for next week has been posted. For those players that are new to BGL, I will explain scheduled Bye weeks. Of course, Bye week means you are not scheduled to play anyone. This is usually done when there are an odd number of clans in the division. The clan that is chosen is a losing clan from the week before that may have not gotten a Bye in a long time, doesn't fit into the Schedule as well as the other clans, or an older clan may be picked for a Bye over a newer clan who hasn't played many matches.

More importantly, everyone should know that if a new clan joins the league before matches, the Schedule may be changed and the newly joined clan will play against the clan that had a Bye. If the new clan joins the league before or on Wednesday, the Schedule will be changed accordingly. If the new clan joins Thursday or later, the clan with a Bye will be contacted to see if a match would be possible. Otherwise, both clans will get a Bye for that week.

In summary, if you have a Bye, expect to possibly be scheduled for a match if another new clan joins. However, if on Thursday or later you are still listed as a Bye, then you will definately have a Bye unless we discuss otherwise.

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