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October 24th, 2004
Next Week's Map:
Next week's map will be bg_newengland_bgl which can be found on the Files page. If your server doesn't have it by match time or there are problems, you may play bg_newengland as a replacement. If only one server has the map and working correctly, both rounds must be played on that server. You cannot play one round on bg_newengland_bgl and one round on bg_newengland. Make sure if you are a player you also download and install the map as well.

Timeleft and sv_restartround:
When you execute sv_restart round, it resets the mp_timelimit to default (in BGL's case, 30). This is good. This means you can wait as long as you want on the server and whenever you are ready, do sv_restartround, and the timelimit will be set back to 30. There is a problem, however. The "timeleft" command does not get reset in the same way. Therefore, the timeleft command is incorrect. For example, if you wait 20 minutes to start the match, then sv_restartround and play to the end, the match will be 30 minutes long, but timeleft will say "-20 remaining". Pay no attention to "timeleft". There is no reason to change the map and set mp_timelimit to 31. If you set the mp_timelimit to 31, your match will be 31 minutes long. This is wrong.

BGL Configuration File:
The bgl.cfg must be on the server in order to run it. You cannot run the cfg file from your computer. Someone with FTP access must place it on the server before it can be run. Make sure it is edited in a text editor before uploading to the server. Make sure the password is set to something you like. Then you are ready to use it for a match. In order to correctly do this, run the following commands:
    rcon mapchangecfgfile bgl.cfg
This tells the server to use the bgl.cfg next time the map changes. Next, change the level to the correct map for the match.
    rcon changelevel bg_newengland_bgl
Now the server is on the correct map and is running the correct cfg file. Wait until the other clan is ready. When they are ready to play, use sv_restartround as usual. I would recommend:
    rcon sv_restartround 1
    rcon sv_restartround 1
    rcon sv_restartround 10
This will get everyone's attention and ready for the start of the round. Remember, timeleft is wrong, it doesn't matter how long you wait to sv_restartround. You can do it whenever you please. Pay no attention to adminmod/amx/etc "countdowns" and the "timeleft" commands. They are all incorrect. The match will be 30 minutes, don't worry. After the match, you should set the cfg file back to it's original.
    rcon mapchangecfgfile server.cfg
Then change the map and your server will be back to normal. If your server is using another custom cfg file, replace that with server.cfg in the previoud command and change the map.

The BattleGrounds Stock Exchange (BGSE) is something I made to track All BG league matches and rank clans accordingly. I have recently worked on it and added more stats and changed the design. You can find it here: For more information on how the points system works, please read the About page.

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Comment:hahahaha slash made a mistake oh slash totally lost all his crdability ohhh he should be fired as league admin because he can't do stuff right!
Comment:oops.. yes I'll fix that :P
Comment:slash, the upcoming schedule says on 11/7 we will play bgl newengland, but then it also says we will play battlefield 11/7. im guessing u probably meant it to be 11/14 and 11/21 for battlefield, but just wondering if this meant anything.

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