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North American Division
November 3rd, 2004
The North American Division will not have any Schedule made for it until at least 8 clans have joined. Right now there are 5 clans, 3 more are needed, but the more the better. It's likely a few clans will always leave after a few weeks of participation, so if I continue to make Schedules with 6 clans, we will be back to 4 or 5 clans after each week in an endless cycle. If you're a serious BG clan looking for competitive matchplay, now is a great time to join the BGL.

The good news is that the European Division is going strong and its future looks very good, with more European servers than ever before.

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Comment:yo available? :)
Comment:as do I...the nubs just don't seem to join :P
Comment:Any time I see new clans I give them the site and tell them to join.
Comment:I don't think 4v4 would make it any easier for new clans to join. I think the clans just don't know about BGL or are only somewhat familiar with it, and not interested enough. We need to encourage the new and upcoming clans to stay and join the league if we want to keep playing in it ourselves.
Comment:Could we possibly shorten to 4 vs 4 to encourage more growth.
Comment:Yeah NA division can't die like this :(.
Comment:i wish shooteh would make a clan..
Comment:I think they are frightened away by certain people.
Comment:I've been trying to encourage every new clan I see to join, and so far none have...
Comment:Nothing againest the European Division, but its pretty Bad that North Americans haven't enough clans to join, even though they play 4 on 4. Come on BG players of North American join up!!!!

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