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NA Division Active Again
December 2nd, 2004
There are now 8 clans in the North American division and matches will start up again on December 12th. A Schedule will be posted Sunday night or Monday.Make sure all your rosters are up to date. Any other clans considering joining should apply ASAP.

It is imperative that clans applying and clans already in the league make frequent visits to the IRC channel #bgl on GameSurge. For one, you need to be there so you can talk to an admin about getting set up in the league. I am not going to chase people around on various messaging clients and sending emails all over the place. You must be on IRC if you want to be in the league. Then once you are in, its the only reliable method for contacting other clan leaders and exchanging server information and match specifics. If you clan doesn't have a server, you should really be in there daily to make sure the opposing clan has a server. If not, then you'll have to figure something out, ask around in #bgl and see if anyone can let you borrow their server at an earlier time. Remember, all matches must be completed by Sunday night, so if you need to reschedule, do it beforehand.

Of course it's even better if you idle in the channel 24/7. You could use the Java client on this site, but if you are frequently using IRC you should get your own client, like mIRC or XChat.

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Comment:Coolies. :)
Comment:Schedule Change:

tC is dead, so 3D-WTF is playing DiGA
Comment:slash is my king all of thoose bad things I said about him I take back...well most of them anyway
Comment:cant wait to play bgl again
Comment:did somebody mention pirates?
Comment:will there be pirates?
Comment:Very thorough Slash. Good job.
Comment:Alright, I've be waiting for this.

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