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Optional Remote Logging Test
December 16th, 2004
I have developed a program to receive logs from game servers. This will not interfere with any local logging on the server or any other remote logging programs you may be running. Eventually, this will be added to the official bgl.cfg file. However, I need to subject it to more rigorous testing before it's official. If you want to help out, just make sure these two lines are in your bgl.cfg file on your server:

logaddress_add 6666
log on

Once this is on all match servers, resolving disputes will happen much more quickly, league admins will be able to tell immediately if clans were using ringers or multi-clanners, and I will be able to develop automatic log parsing which can be used in individual statistics and rankings. For example I could keep track of a player's kills/deaths with what weapons on which team over the course of all BGL matches.

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Comment:BGL goes high tech :)
Comment:Awesome work Slash :o
Comment:yeah this should make a lot of disputes easily resolved instead of he said, she said crap
Comment:that will help a lot
good job slash

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