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Roster System In Place
June 22nd, 2003
I coded the roster system today as you can see from the links to the left. Rosters shows a list of all the players registed with the BGL. You may also use the Clan Database to access individual rosters or click on the clan tags on the Roster list to get rosters for individual clans.

The Manage Roster link allows clan leaders to log in and Add/Delete members to their roster. Clan leaders must either email me or message me in IRC (GamesNet #bgl - 'Slash') with the password you want to use to log in.

Please enter your roster on the site before the match on 7/2. From then on, you can only play the members on the BGL Roster list unless the other clan leader allows you to play someone else. This gives you a little less than 2 weeks to get ready. Remember, you cannot edit your roster 24 hours before or after the match. This is so clans can't add/delete possible ringers before or after the match. If you have any questions, ask an admin.

Your password is also needed to Submit Scores. Make sure you remember it and do not give it out to anyone. Managing Rosters and Reporting Scores is now the duty of the clan leaders, not me :P



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