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July 1st, 2003
Sorry for the site downtime, we are now hosted by, thanks to Ben! Everything is back to being fully functional!

A lot of changes are being made in the BGL very soon. First, Wednesday is the last day of matches using the regular scheduling system. Immediatly after the matches this Wednesday, the new 5-day scheduling system will go into effect and BGL will be a World-League, no longer North-America only. As the rules aren't updated yet, I'll describe how it works for everyone right now.

Thursday: Schedules are posted on the BGL site. Clan leaders should contact the enemy's clan leader and discuss a time to have the match.

Friday: If clans have not yet set up a time, they should use Friday as another day to finalize match times. Remember, the best way to find other clan leaders is to join #bgl on GamesNet and private message them to work something out. As soon as you do, tell a BGL admin the time your match will be held. All matches must be completed before Wednesday at Midnight, Eastern Time (-05.00 GMT).

Saturday-Wednesday: Matches should take place some time within this 5-day period. The weekend is an excellent time to play matches if clans playing each other are on opposite sides of the world. All scores should be submitted on the BGL site(use your clan password) by Wednesday night at Midnight EST (-05:00 GMT). No Exceptions.

If the match did not happen by then, BGL admins will determine the punishment to be given. If clans simply could not to agree to a time, both recieve losses. 5 Days is more than enough time to come to an agreement over match times. If one clan was unavailable during the time that scheduling was supposed to be done and no time can be reached because of this, then that team will recieve a loss and a Strike against them.

If it seems as if your clan will not have enough members to play in an upcoming week, talk to a BGL admin and request a Bye week before the next week starts. That way everyone will be prepared. Thursday night is not a good time to inform everyone your clan won't be able to play!

That's about it for the new scheduling system, if you have any questions, please come to #bgl and talk to an admin as soon as you can.

Rosters will not be enforced this week because of the downtime, but if you are caught using a Ringer or Multi-Clanner you still will be punished.

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