Match Results

Wed, June 18, 2003

North American Division
Title Shot:
[SFB] vs |2ndNJ|
[SFB] over |2ndNJ| (230 - 150)
Title Shot:
{4th} vs -cav-
{4th} over -cav- (290 - 235)

[SFB] over |2ndNJ|
Tonight was the first night of BGL action and we faced off against 2ndNJ on pos_battlefield !<P> Round1 started about 15 minutes late because of server issues and [SFB]CdTriX's computer blowing up :X Once we got started it was good fun, it went back and forth for a while and we finally got an all cap. It went like that until the end, final score R1 was 120-65 in favor of SFB. I enjoyed being TK'd by [SFB]Mizan in the Broken House when he was sniping from the Lonely House. What a jerk!<P> For round2 we sat Catman because hes a ho and put foLtage in. Good move. We quickly got a few all caps, however we noticed that you get NO extra points for all-capping. 2ndNJ had the lead up to the mid-way point, controlling their home and the middle point. After yelling at my teammates on voicecomms, I convinced my teammates to only control 2 points, and let the other one alone. Well I was right, we quickly came back from a 30 point difference and went on to win 110-85.<P> GG to 2ndNJ !<P> [SFB]Slash

{4th} over -cav-

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