Match Results

Wed, June 25, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
[SFB] vs {4th}
[SFB] over {4th} (520 - 230)
Title Shot:
-cav- vs |2ndNJ|
|2ndNJ| over -cav- (395 - 225)

[SFB] over {4th}
Round1: SFB and 4th roll into the server eagerly awaiting to start the
2nd official match of the BGL. Once the flag falls both teams run out
at a leisurely pace to the flags. Both sides get their own flags and
then it gets down to the battlefield. For most of the round SFB holds
the battlefield, but 4th puts up a fight to try to take it over and
tramples us at times. Those guys didn't miss much, it was pretty much a
match of who could shoot at the other first. It was a matter of better
strategy that allowed SFB to get the battlefield longer than 4th. The
round ends with a score of 260-110.<P>


Round 2 catman and Mr. Almonds sat out so that foLtage and myself got
to play. The round got started after a bit of confusion and both teams
did their best to scramble for the battle field. Slash kept people
busy while foLtage and I ran around the battle field. Mizan ran out of
bullets a few times while sniping and commited suicide to regain ammo.
4th took the battle field quite a few times and managed to improve their
overall score in the second round, while SFB managed to get the same
score as round 1. foLtage did a faux paus when in the last few minutes of
the round he changed to officer, but the only real damage he did was
against Mizan with a team kill. 260-120.<P>

GG 4th!<P>


|2ndNJ| over -cav-
Match was a little shaky at first with ppl not showing up or getting
disconnected, PW messing up, etc. Finally the match started. <P>

First Round:<BR>
Little slow but picked up after 15 min. NJ ran around and capped 2
flags to hold them. -Cav- sniped off our flag cappers from time to time.
Flag battles raged across the map. NJ pushed -Cav- to their lonely house
and -Cav- pushed NJ back. This went on until the map changed with NJ in
the lead with 190 and -Cav- 95<P>

Second round:<BR>
2ndNJ started out strong, we took and held Battle Field and Lonely
House for a while, with a few exchanges of battle field in between. We held
up strong at battle field, although Andrew was agrivating while we were
trying to hold our position. Eventually we got tired, and they ended up
taking all 3 flags. After that they rushed battle field and Lonely
House so fast that they took all 3 flags a couple more times untill we got
our act together and kept our start. Eventually time ran out and we
kept our lead.<P>

GG <P>

|2ndNJ| Cpt.Fenix

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