Match Results

Wed, July 2, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
[SFB] vs |2ndNJ|
[SFB] over |2ndNJ| (1005 - 530)
Title Shot:
{4th} vs -cav-
{4th} over -cav- (715 - 370)

[SFB] over |2ndNJ|
Round 1: SFB started British, and my lovely strategy didn't work because CATMAN AND CDTRIX DIDN'T FOLLOW IT >O ! So the first half of the match, it went pretty much both ways, I think 2ndNJ had the lead about midway thru the round. Then those damned hos started listening to me and we held 2ndNJ off pretty well and went on to win the round 425-275.<P>
Round 2: We started shaky as Catman(newbie) didn't know how to get out of the American spawn and where to go :| Good game catman. In addition, 2ndNJ used Saladorm(aimbot) as a ringer, so I feared. However, about 5 minutes in 2ndNJ dropped a player and played short for a while until Hitman came in. It didn't make much difference, we were already set up and held them off for the remainder of the round. It ended 580-255.<P>
Making the final score 1005 - 530 for SFB, gg 2ndNJ!!!<P>

{4th} over -cav-
The match started off with cav, as Americans, getting an almost immediate 50 point advantage,
getting every flag except for the pass. 4th knew that this could not go
unchallenged and went to work getting each flag back. Col.Murphy and Sgt.Fischbach
took the cannon tower, while Maj.Jones, Cpl.Molo, and Sgt.Tauscher took the battlefield. 4th, while in
the process of getting the flags back made a full cap. 4th realized
though, that they would have to hold the flags if they wanted to win. 4th
proceeded to chip away at cav's lead till they had overtaken it by 20
points. 4th then played the same strategy over again, but instead of
capping, they held only 3 flags, maximizing their point gain. Thomas Paine
(cav's leader) kept disconnecting leaving cav handicapped
occasionally. No break was taken between the rounds, keeping the adrenaline
flowing. <P>

The next round was almost exactly like the first, except 4th did not
allow cav to get a major advantage at the start. 15 minutes into the
second round, cav's ringer Kingturd left, leaving cav permanently
handicapped. Cav's leader kept disconnecting bringing the odds to 5 vs 3
sometimes. Finally, cav fell to the pressure and gave up with 8 minutes
left in the match. GG cav and 4th, fight on, and fight proud.

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