Match Results

Sat, July 12, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
[SFB] vs {4th}
[SFB] over {4th} (6730 - 5185)
Title Shot:
|2ndNJ| vs rG^
rG^ over |2ndNJ| (10570 - 2080)
-cav- vs =HCoS=
-cav- over =HCoS= (5730 - 4150)

[SFB] over {4th}
Both rounds we followed the same strat. Slash and I went to the cannon tower and catman and CdTriX did the rest. Slash and I were able to hold the cannon tower most of the time while the other two pushed to get the battlefield in round 1.<P>
Round 2 we had a harder time holding the cannon tower until 3 out of the 4 4th members decided to leave =( <P>
gg guys!!!<P>

rG^ over |2ndNJ|
Round1: rG started out british, though 2ndnj put up defences they were
broken allowing multiple caps. Sadly though no caps were dealt by 2ndnj
on this round.<P>
Round2: rG Played american this round, slowly sniping and advancing
instead of just constant advance, they broke through our lines and hit us
from the rear on multiple occasions but in the end no caps were dealt
by 2ndnj.<P>

-cav- over =HCoS=
Well, first off, many of -cav-'s members didn't show up. We had to
use 3 ringers in order to play. While I was getting worried we were going
to have to forfeit, Slash, KC and Bruk came to the rescue! Everything
was all set and the game was on.<P>
1st Round<BR>
We were American first off, while HCoS was British. Both of us had the
same battle plan. Two go to the tower, while the other two go to
battlefield. We both went back and forth on all the capturings. Whenever we
capped all the outposts, the next round, they would cap all of ours.
What determined who one this round were the little points, and since we
held on to the majority of the flags a little bit longer than HCoS did,
we came out on top, but only by 20.<P>
2nd Round<BR>
This round started out like the first, but near the middle things
started to crumble for HCoS. -Cav- broke through their defenses time and
again, getting all the outposts numerous times. Slash and Bruk did a great
job holding the cannon tower, even though I saw they would blow each
other up once in a while. Anyway, with getting so many bonus points for
capping everything many times (and having KC slaughter everything in
sight with his big pike of justice, lol), the score skyrocketed for us,
which led to total victory.<P>
Good game HCoS, you played well!<P>
-cav-Andrew the Conqueror

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