Match Results

Sat, July 26, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
rG^ vs |GFF|
rG^ over |GFF| (1423 - 111)
Title Shot:
{4th} vs =HCoS=
{4th} over =HCoS= (FORFEIT)
WNx vs -cav-
-cav- over WNx (1344 - 964)

rG^ over |GFF|
not realy much to say, rg/we couldnt get a 5th, played 4 vs 5, things
going very well, then gff had to leave 10 minutes in for a dod match. gg
i guess...<P>

{4th} over =HCoS=
HCoS appearantly went on vacation and forgot to tell anyone. They forfeit for being unavailable to play, recieve a strike, and a week suspension in accordance with the <A HREF="rules.php">Rules</A><P>

BGL Admins

-cav- over WNx
Mathc started 10 minutes late due to a -cav- member having control
map: Forestroad<P>
Round started -cav- were americans and WNx were brit. WN got on a quick
start and got to the bridge and then pr3dator and thomaspaine came from
behind and that was what changed the round and -cav- kept getting the
watery crater and the round was over with -cav- on top, 501-476
2nd round -cav- brit WNx american.<P>
This round was about the same. WN got bridge but then my computer
restarted so i left my team 4v5. Then i came back and we thought we would
lose but then we broke through the lines and got to the path and it was
mixed up but then we capped The path. We then came back capped the
bridge really quick then ran quick the crater got it held it than charged
and got pushed back but then we still capped path to make the match over<P>
Great game guys that first round rocked! <P>
-cav- Thomaspaine

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