Match Results

Sat, August 9, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
rG^ vs LowGamers |
rG^ over LowGamers | (FORFEIT)
Title Shot:
WNx vs [KRR-E]
[KRR-E] over WNx (FORFEIT)
{4th} vs [FAF TMP]
[LuF] vs K18
K18 over [LuF] (2958 - 404)

rG^ over LowGamers |
LowGamers was unavailable for scheduling. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the <A HREF="rules.php">Rules</A>.<P>
BGL Admins

[KRR-E] over WNx
WNx couldn't get enough members for the match. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the <A HREF="rules.php">Rules</A>.<P>
BGL Admins

Note: Being "online" refers to being in #bgl on GamesNet, available to schedule a match with the enemy clan.<P>
<LI> The scheduling timeframe was from August 7th to August 8th.
<LI> [TMP] leaders were online on August 5th; before the schedule was posted.
<LI> The next time a [TMP] leader was online was August 11th, after the scheduling timeframe.
<LI> A {4th} leader was online August 6th; which was after the schedule was posted, but before the scheduling timeframe (schedule came out early).
<LI> On the night of August 7th, into the morning of August 8th, a {4th} leader continually joined #bgl, but dropped from IRC moments later. This is not considered being "online", as the leader would not be able to communicate with the other clan with connection problems like that.
<LI> The next time a {4th} leader was online and available was August 9th, after the scheduling timeframe.
Based on these facts, the BGL has determined that neither clan was available for scheduling within the scheduling timeframe and both recieve losses. While {4th} was online after the schedule was posted on the 6th, [TMP] was under no commitment to be online that day. The day clans <b>are</b> required to be online is Thursday and Friday. As the admin's (complete) logs clearly show, neither clan was available, and both are at fault. If a match can be scheduled between now (Tuesday) and Wednesday, the BGL will accept the results. If no match is played by Wednesday night, [TMP] and {4th} receive losses.<P>
Update: No match was played. Both clans receieve a loss and a strike for the week.<P>
BGL Admins

K18 over [LuF]
Good Game. No whining or anything else that would have been lame. <P>


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