Match Results

Sat, September 6, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
K18 vs [LuF]
K18 over [LuF] (3100 - 350)
Title Shot:
nltw vs WNx
WNx over nltw (2000 - 275)
[THE] vs {10thfoot}
[THE] over {10thfoot} (5520 - 1080)
[SFB] vs [FAF TMP]
[SFB] over [FAF TMP] (4780 - 2700)

K18 over [LuF]
K18 as americans: K18 300 - 50 LuF<P>

Started out pretty well, our defense was as hard as a rock for the first 5-10 minutes, but then LuF got inside the castle and managed to cap the middle flag, and then after few minutes of hard fighting they got the "Right Flank" and left us the "Left Flank". We kept the "Left Flank", and they coulnd't get a fullcap. Mitle and TaaVi did some VERY nice job, both had over 6000 points.
K18 as british: K18 2800 - 300<P>

We took our first fullcap in something like 3 minutes easily and kept doing that for the rest of the round. TaaVi and Mitle were in flames again.
GG LuF, allways nice to play against you.<P>
- Monkkis

WNx over nltw
&lt;WNxT|2iggerhappy&gt; it was bacically 4v4 <BR>
&lt;WNxT|2iggerhappy&gt; then became 4v3 <BR>
&lt;WNxT|2iggerhappy&gt; us with 4 <BR>
&lt;WNxT|2iggerhappy&gt; and then 4v2 <BR>
&lt;Slash&gt; ok

[THE] over {10thfoot}
The match started out slowly, with THE advancing and then being repelled. However, we were able to make several successful full caps. When we switched sides 10th didnt cap their own flag much and this allowed us to full cap easily. 10th foot had a very mature attitude, and I would love to play them again.

[SFB] over [FAF TMP]
SFB is back! We need to shake off the rust still and get all our players to show up, but its fun to play in a match again!<P>

[FAF TMP] has great players! Good Game!

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