Match Results

Sat, September 13, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
K18 vs WNx
WNx over K18 (1445 - 1380)
Title Shot:
[SFB] vs nltw
[SFB] over nltw (10710 - 1600)
[LuF] vs [FAF TMP]
[LuF] over [FAF TMP] (FORFEIT)
{10thfoot} vs -cav-
-cav- over {10thfoot} (5040 - 880)

WNx over K18
1st match it went to -1 time so it was 570 to like 480 but they said it
was a tie so we went with that 2nd match was really close some how they
kept sneaking past us and getting the mine one guy even dodged a shot
and jumped through the window for the flag but at the end we still won
k18 put up a really good fightespecially with there lag

[SFB] over nltw
Both rounds we used the same strat, Women went to the cannon tower and men went the other way. This strat worked well, them men did their job and us ladies were able to keep the tower most of the time, but some times I let my gaurd down and spec had to type to me that there was some one behind me, and i'd sometimes die :/<P>
Round 2 three fifths of nltw left the server and two brave fighters tried to hold us off. Then finally the another member left, and we decided to end the match early, no telling how high our score could have gotten, tis a pitty.<P>
gg all<P>

[LuF] over [FAF TMP]
[FAF TMP] didn't show for the match. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the <A HREF="rules.php">Rules</A>. They now have 2 Strikes. If something like this happens again, [FAF TMP] will be removed from the league.<P>
BGL Admins

-cav- over {10thfoot}
10th could only get 3 guys so we did 3v3 on snowlake.<P>

1st round<BR>
cav got many caps and 10th foot did good on killing us, but not capping<P>

2nd round<BR>

almost same thing except this time we were british. I had fun while
capping last flag running around trying to direct fire at me ;D.
GG 10th, next match u should work on more teamwork and communication
but u fought well.<P>

-cav-Thomas Paine

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