Match Results

Sat, September 20, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
WNx vs [SFB]
[SFB] over WNx (5315 - 750)
Title Shot:
[LuF] vs [THE]
[THE] over [LuF] (4550 - 830)
K18 vs nltw
K18 over nltw (FORFEIT)
-cav- vs [FAF TMP]
-cav- over [FAF TMP] (4110 - 1960)
.sB. vs {10thfoot}
.sB. over {10thfoot} (FORFEIT)

[SFB] over WNx
&lt;Slash&gt Anyone want to make a writeup?<BR>


[THE] over [LuF]
The first round was pretty one-sided, with [THE] earning a lot of
points very quickly. <P>

However, [LuF] came back the second round and gave us a hard time,
weakening us before we got close enough to do alot of damage. <P>

All [THE] members did a great job! Good game [Luf]!

K18 over nltw
nltw| didn't show for the match. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the <A HREF="rules.php">Rules</A>.<P>
BGL Admins

-cav- over [FAF TMP]
FAF got the required 4 players and +1 ringer so an even 5v5 on snowlake.<P>
1st round:<BR>
cav captured and FAF captured, basically both teams went head on capturing killing, just i geuss FAF was a lil bit off their game on the 1st round.<P>
2nd round:<BR>
well this time cav did same thing just diff sides, FAF did almost same thing but with more teamwork as it seems.This round was a close one, FAF coming back seeming more enthusiastic. Holding them back was tough, but we managed to do it and won that round by the bell. Good Job on the match FAF and GL on the rest, I have nothing to say u guys did good.<P>

.sB. over {10thfoot}
{10thfoot} didn't have enough players for the match. They forfeit the match and recieve a strike in accordance with the <A HREF="rules.php">Rules</A>. {10thfoot} now has 2 strikes. If something like this happens again, they will be removed from the league.<P>
BGL Admins

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