Match Results

Sat, September 27, 2003

North American Division
Title Shot:
K18 vs -cav-
-cav- over K18 (FORFEIT)
WNx vs .sB.
WNx over .sB. (4810 - 4630)
[LuF] vs
[LuF] over (5512 - 3840)
[ G.o.W ] vs {10thfoot}

-cav- over K18
K18 didn't show up for the match. They forfeit the match and receive a strike in accordance with the <A HREF="rules.php">Rules</A>.

WNx over .sB.
yes thats right, although our demise was predicted, we came out with a
smashing victory. in the first round we cam out strong as the americans
capturing all the flags about 2: final score of the first round 2610 to
After this round we were feeling pretty good, dun dun dun....sB came
out and surprised us like u wouldnt believe, reminds me of the stunning
first minute all flag cap done by k18. we fought bravely actually
capping the flags about 2 times, but in the end we came up shiort for round
2: WN loss 2900 to according to the rules we went to a 15
minute tie breaker.<B>[ This wasn't supposed to be done. WNx already won at this point. Check News for details -BGL Admins ]</B> Now, the whole WN squad(plus a man from sfb-thanx a
lot) was ready and in, but only 3 .sB members could make it in, 2 timed
out, and 1 quit, the remainder of the squad surrendered, so, although we
would have loved to finish it, WN won in a last minute forfeit.<B>[ This match wasn't a forfeit, it will be counted as a regular win. -BGL Admins ]</B> all and
all a nail bighter, and great job to the .sB crew.

[LuF] over
No writeup submitted.

Neither clan was available for the match. Both [G.o.W] and {10thfoot} forfeit the match, take a loss for the match, and receive a Strike. Since this is {10thfoot}'s 3rd Strike, they will be removed from the league in accordance with the <A HREF="rules.php">Rules</A>.<P>

BGL Admins

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