Match Results

Sat, October 4, 2003

North American Division
Title Match:
[SFB] vs -cav-
[SFB] over -cav- (11700 - 2560)
Title Shot:
[LuF] vs WNx
WNx over [LuF] (5450 - 3740)
.sB. vs [ G.o.W ]
.sB. over [ G.o.W ] (7630 - 2610)
[FAF TMP] vs
bg_valley over [FAF TMP] (2460 - 770)

[SFB] over -cav-
The classic SFB strat, women go one way (towards the cannon tower) men go the other. We did this all round 1 with no fuss no muss. Round 2 we did the same but slacked off a bit. It got sort of boring going to the cannon because there was no one to battle, and i had 0 damage because Spec killed everyone. Eventually the womens be bored with the cannon and started going the other direction, and cav being down a man half way through made it all the easier to gain a few more caps before the end of the round<P>
gg all<P>

WNx over [LuF]
On the first round they managed to cap twice and we didnt cap once and
we still managed to win. This was a very close round. Round two was all
WN. We started off capping 3 times in a row. Giving us a lead of about
1000 which we kept throughout the remainder of the match. All in all we
capped around 5 times during the second round. GG LuF, it was great to
play againts you.

.sB. over [ G.o.W ]
GoW is a good clan from Finland. They had good unity and teamwork.
Unfortulately .sB. was ready for them and really wanted the win. After
their loss to WNx they were thirsty for frsh blood. GoW did have one
disadvatage as well, being in Finland and having to play on an American
sever. But over all it was a good fight that they put up. If more match
practice and game play they will grow to a good clan. Hope to see them
soon. over [FAF TMP]
Ous start was very good.We get one flag after the other and FAF
couldn't make any thing.then one of them left the game and don't come back.
after 20 minutes the hole clan left the game without saying anything!So
we kick their ass ;)

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