Match Results

Sun, May 16, 2004

North American Division
Title Shot:
||GnD|| vs ~)DiGA(~
||GnD|| over ~)DiGA(~ (2930 - 1790)
Title Shot:
[13th] vs [FUC]
[13th] over [FUC] (5860 - 1370)
//GaR// vs +]3D[+ OMG
//GaR// over +]3D[+ OMG (4480 - 1950)

||GnD|| over ~)DiGA(~
After rounding up the boys who havnt played in a while, it dawned upon me and okaloosa that we didnt have a server. Thx to GAR, we were able to use their server if we played 1 hour in advance.

Anyhoo, first round went strong for us, capping mulitple times throughout. Very intense battles going either way, but the majority of the time we edged out and were able to cap.

2nd round, we subbed KC (Who had to go) for the stoned Guttermouth :P With a comfortable lead we eased off a bit and I stopped bitching at rabbit :P Anyhoo we woke back into action when Diga nearly capped us, and rabbit managed to stop the cap at 1 second. After we capped, they shortly capped back and kept a slight edge throughout the 2nd round, resulting in a 30 point win.

GG to diga, was very fun match

[13th] over [FUC]
gg =P

//GaR// over +]3D[+ OMG
Both clans gave it their best shot. GG 3d

BGL EU Champions
Blue Brigade

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