Match Results

Sun, May 30, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
||GnD|| vs //GaR//
||GnD|| over //GaR// (2630 - 1305)
Title Shot:
~)DiGA(~ vs +]3D[+ OMG
~)DiGA(~ over +]3D[+ OMG (1685 - 745)
AT vs [FUC]
]:RR:[ [K] vs +]3D[+DT
]:RR:[ [K] over +]3D[+DT (1825 - 1390)

||GnD|| over //GaR//
Since turd isn't here and betrayayed his clan to hang out with the hot girls in hawaii, i'm forced to do this :P

anyways first round both teams played hard but we were able to come out ahead

second round we started out slow and played down a man for awhile since salad had some trouble connecting, we were able to win this round also but it was much closer

gg GAR, always fun to play u guys


~)DiGA(~ over +]3D[+ OMG
GOOD GAME! DiGA dominated in the first round, capping steadily throughout the half.

The second round we both were in tie throughout most of it. But in the last few minutes of the match, DiGA managed to cap giving us the sure win for the second round. Hell of a job to both teams and goodluck to both clans in future matches!!

[FUC] over AT
AT didn't show up for the match. This shows a lack of interest in the league and AT is removed from the league. They will not be allowed back in until they can prove they are ready to make a serious commitment.

-BGL Admins

]:RR:[ [K] over +]3D[+DT
I'd like to say nice job to both clans and that this was a pretty close match with some outstanding heroics by individual members on both sides! Good sportsmanship too!

There was a small dilemma at the beginning with the amount of people on each team. Apparently, someone from +]3D[+DT informed the ]:RR:[ leader it was going to be a 7 vs. 7 game; hence, we showed up with seven players and +]3D[+DT with five. This caused a little confusion but was speedily resolved.

1st ROUND:

In the first round, ]:RR:[ came off with a very good start and captured all the flags in the first five minutes. After that it was extremely close with both sides vying for possession of all the flags. On more than one occasion both teams were about one second away from capping all the flags only to be shot down. This continued for about two-thirds of the match before ]:RR:[ captured all the flags again to acquire a steady lead. In response, +]3D[+DT was very aggressive in capturing the flags and quickly caught up to ]:RR:[. In the end, ]:RR:[ came through winning with a score of 855-530.

2nd ROUND:

The second round was extremely close as ]:RR:[ wanted to retain their slim lead while +]3D[+DT knew they had to outscore ]:RR:[. Right off of the bat both teams just gave their all and, except for one or two all-flag captures by both teams, all the fighting was done on or around the bridge. Roughly two-thirds of the way through, ]:RR:[ scored a crucial all-flag capture. From then on +]3D[+DT kept on a non-stop rush at our last flag and multiple times they were stopped with only a few seconds left to go. However, ]:RR:[ persevered and held +]3D[+DT back to secure their win in that round and for the match.

Excellent game, +]3D[+DT. We hope to play you again soon!

(Match report written by Zachos and revised by Webster.)

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