Match Results

Sun, June 6, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
||GnD|| vs ~)DiGA(~
||GnD|| over ~)DiGA(~ (3470 - 3450)
Title Shot:
]:RR:[ [K] vs [FUC]
[FUC] over ]:RR:[ [K] (2570 - 1720)
//GaR// vs *CuM*
//GaR// over *CuM* (4650 - 4610)
+]3D[+ OMG vs +]3D[+DT
+]3D[+ OMG over +]3D[+DT (6160 - 3660)

||GnD|| over ~)DiGA(~
lol HOLY SHIT, craziest match ever. 1st round we were short 1 man, and we got our asses served till we were down 1.2k. Then in the 2nd round, KC came back and we had our comeback but only managed to come back around 900ish points. However, we realized each round was only 20 mins and DiGA GRACIOUSLY let usplay another 10 mins of each side to correspond with the BGL rules. MAD props to them for that.

The first 10 min round we got the exact same score, and the 2nd we managed to pull ahead 360 points letting us win!

VERY intense game, good job diga we are hoping to play you more. Once again, thank you for complying with BGL rules and having a crazy match.

[FUC] over ]:RR:[ [K]
The match were great! In both rounds we did go hand in hand. We got in a bit of a trouble, when RR took Sheetz insted of another player, but it turned out alright anyway.

Thanks for a bloddy good game RR, good luck in the future =)


//GaR// over *CuM*
Great Game CuM.

First round the caps went back and forth and |G.A.R| came out on top.

THE SECOND ROUND. WOW! We struggled to get the CT most of the match. We were on the verge of falling apart. Then we got the miracle we were asking for. With approximatly 2 mins left the 2 Shadows took the cannon tower right as I was sneaking past CuM to cap the Mountain Pass to get the cap to get us withing striking distance of CuM. Mind u we were down by 400 or so before this. The second time the 2 shadows paved their way to the CT again. Kamper and Nikki held the battlefield while I once again snuck past most of CuM and then I ran into Ziggs. WAM right in the head my only bayo kill of the nite most likely. It was home free after that. I made it to the mountain pass 1 sec after they capped CT. GREAT GAME CuM

+]3D[+ OMG over +]3D[+DT
DP has improved alot as they defeated DT for the first time.A great job by both teams.

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