Match Results

Sun, June 13, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
||GnD|| vs [FUC]
||GnD|| over [FUC] (8320 - 2540)
Title Shot:
//GaR// vs +]3D[+ OMG
+]3D[+ OMG over //GaR// (5270 - 4070)
Infiltrate. vs +]3D[+DT
+]3D[+DT over Infiltrate. (5440 - 3740)
~)DiGA(~ vs ]:RR:[ [K]
~)DiGA(~ over ]:RR:[ [K] (5470 - 2780)

||GnD|| over [FUC]
we decided to play a 4v4 because both sides couldn't get a fifth then we just decided to play that way throughtout the match.

first round gnd started out slow, but then started to pick it up

second round gnd came out strong and then started to lighten up by the end of the match

gg fuc it was our first match between you and it was fun. Good luck in your future matches :)


+]3D[+ OMG over //GaR//
WOW what match'its always fun playing againest GAR,but tonite the DP team won,after a exciting first round,the DP took the second round and came out a winner,congrads to both teams. Thanx GUYS

+]3D[+DT over Infiltrate.
That was a awesome match. The first half we were having problems with the server so we agreed to start over and play on cP's server. They took the lead and won by 20 points in the first half. The second half they had a to a man down the first 15 minutes and we took the lead. Another cP member arrived shortly after we started the second half. We all did a good job and it was a intense match as every point was close. Goog Job everyone. Hope to play cP again sometime.

~)DiGA(~ over ]:RR:[ [K]
GG fellas. Match went smooth as silk. =D

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