Match Results

Sun, June 20, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
||GnD|| vs +]3D[+ OMG
||GnD|| over +]3D[+ OMG (5500 - 3050)
Title Shot:
~)DiGA(~ vs +]3D[+DT
~)DiGA(~ over +]3D[+DT (4000 - 3010)
//GaR// vs [FUC]
//GaR// over [FUC] (6050 - 2090)
Infiltrate. vs ]:RR:[ [K]
]:RR:[ [K] over Infiltrate. (6780 - 2270)

||GnD|| over +]3D[+ OMG
The first round started out, and 3d capped twice before we knew it. Then about 5 mins later we got warmped up and woke up, but agent was still dorment cuz he just came back from a 4 hour trip :P

So yea the remainder of round 1 we had the edge, getting quick caps here and there and me and rabbit running aruond causing confusion.

Round two, it started off similar. However we were more warmed up then round 1 and went on the offensive and capped several times. But towards the middle to the end, it became more of a tug a war as we would get sniped from a few nice shots and plenty o PBs. Not to mention them trying to be cool and door block the cottage D< ! However the match concluded with 3 of our caps in the last 8 or so minutes, to finalize the 2500 point victory.

GG to 3d, good fight goodnight.


~)DiGA(~ over +]3D[+DT
Sorry I didt post this stuff for a bit, here it is guys, gg.


//GaR// over [FUC]
Slow first round. Second round we pulled it out. Good game FUC when u played, Dexter you need to get ahold of some of your teammates talk to you about it later.


]:RR:[ [K] over Infiltrate.
Both teams fought very hard. When Cpt.Smith left for a bit in the second round, Rogers Rangers was finally able to gain an advantage in points and capped three or four times.

Great match, comPatriots! Hope to play you again soon.

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