Match Results

Sun, July 18, 2004

North American Division
Title Match:
~)DiGA(~ vs +]3D[+ OMG
~)DiGA(~ over +]3D[+ OMG (6038 - 1604)
Title Shot:
||GnD|| vs [13th]
||GnD|| over [13th] (3612 - 1995)
//GaR// vs Infiltrate.
//GaR// over Infiltrate. (4940 - 1190)
+]3D[+DT vs ]:RR:[ [K]
]:RR:[ [K] over +]3D[+DT (2919 - 2082)

~)DiGA(~ over +]3D[+ OMG
GG. 3D took the first round with about 150 point lead. DiGA came back in second round with a vengeance and took the lead.

Great Game 3D, its a pleasure playing any of you guys, DP/DT/or du! GG!

||GnD|| over [13th]
Well GG to 13th.

First round we were amazingly stupid and just ran around shooting. After trailing by 1k, and hearing Myself and Rico bitch to our team we turned it around in the 2nd half.

Aware of the American advantages, we knew we had to put forth everything we had to win. Getting our first cap about 10 mins into the 2nd round, our momentum built up and quickly capped afew more times to gain the lead.

AFter we were leading by only a few points, our long rivalry possessed us to cap many more times to beat down there hearts and ensure us victory. Once we had the lead, we were sure as hell determined not to loose it.

Now there is no clan that has beaten GnD and we have not beaten, and no one thought we could do this, and now that we have, it feels damn good.

GG 13th

//GaR// over Infiltrate.
We played a man down since they could only get 4. We only played one round before they left but it was a smooth match. Thanks .cP and Good game ;)

]:RR:[ [K] over +]3D[+DT
Good match 3d. Hope to play you again

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